Gods Wayor My WayThere really are only two choices: my way or God's way. 

Many choose their own way for any number of reasons.  Some don't see their true spiritual condition and don't feel the need to choose God's way.  Others might be deceived by the illusion that a life apart from God brings them freedom.  Some may fully realize their spiritual condition but aren't willing to abandon their life of sin because they are not convinced that Jesus is worth it. Still others say they want to follow Jesus, but aren't committed to turning away from their sinful activities.

Some make the choice to follow God's lead. They see that Jesus' way is a superior way of living. They desire a life free of addiction, lust, greed, murder, broken homes, etc. They see that Jesus' way of living is so much better than their own way that they are willing to abandon everything to be His disciple.  Only a life spent following Jesus can bring them the fulfillment they desire.  Only Jesus can give them an abundant life now, and immortality in the life to come.

Do you have questions? Let us help you find answers from the Bible. Would you like to know more about God's way? Take a look at our online Bible courses. Would you like to have a face to face Bible study? Contact us and if you are in the central Kentucky area we'll arrange to meet with you.  If you live elsewhere, we could study by phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. or we could attempt to locate a group of Christians in your area who would be willing to study with you.  

Make the smart choice: follow Jesus!