Sowing SeedEvangelism is the life-blood of the Lord’s Church.  New additions through conversions keep the Church alive into each new generation. Both congregationally and individually, the good news of Jesus is spread to those who do not know it. Our mission is global.

In our continuing effort to help spread the gospel here at home we currently support several mission works in Kentucky.  In addition, we support work in China through individual contributions and we are spreading the word globally through the Internet.

Most recently, we have begun to focus our foreign efforts in one area where we believe we can make the most difference in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are currently striving to have a continuous presence with mission work to Guyana, South America.  In order to have a direct and active involvement there, we are coordinating trips to Guyana twice a year.

Living Water 414:

We want to be a Church following the Lord’s commission to go into all the world.